What is a RAID?

We offer RAID on servers in 2 variations; RAID software or hardware (with a RAID controller). Here you have the opportunity for two existing hard disks, one thereof to mirror the other. This means that they get only displayed the space on one hard disk. An example: If you selected a server 2x1TB hard drives installed, in RAID is only 1TB provided, because the second disk is used exclusively for mirroring.

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What is the connection to the server?

For all servers, we offer a flat rate 1GBit / no traffic limit.

Do you guarantee bandwidth?

We have a guaranteed bandwidth of 200 Mbit for all dedicated servers.

Is there a traffic limit?

No. All our servers include unlimited traffic.

Do you offer DDoS Protection?

Yes, all our servers are DDoS protected. This is free of charge.

Can I use the server for streaming services?

Yes. Since we lease Root Servers, you can use the server for any services that you want. Please...