What does the icon in front of the server represent?

The icons in front of the offers at vipservers.eu represent a recommendation. This allows you to set the right server for your project; we created this recommendation icon for you to show you the right deal for your objective. This enables us to give you a suggestion, for example, which server is suitable for a Game Server, Web Server or Voice Server.

Of course you can have other services running on your Dedicated Server, it is merely a suggestion from vipservers.eu


 Recommended for using as Voice- und Streaming-Server:

Through a balanced relation between CPU and RAM performance, this server has an optimal requirement for the hosting of voice and streaming services.

 Recommended for using as Webserver:

For those who are looking for a web server, you have just landed a hit. The components of this dedicated server are that much assessed, that it contains every function, which a web server needs.

 Recommended for using as Mailserver:

This dedicated server is suitable for you best as a mail server. We recommend you to this server because this server is very reliable and has a good performance for the hosting mail server.

 Recommended for using as server with dynamic web content:

You have a website, which has to show many animations and actions at the same time? We recommend this server, which is perfect for managing dynamic content.

 Recommended for using as Fileserver:

The servdiscount team recommended this server to you as a fileserver. This server contain lots of cheap hard drives memory, which can be optimally used for storage applications.

 Recommended for using as Gameserver:

You are looking for a solution that is construed for game server? Then you have just found one. Because of its large performance of RAM and its powerful CPU, this server is perfect for hosting of dedicated game server’s.

 Recommended for using for virtualization:

Your vipservers.eu-team recommends this server to you for creating of own virtual instances. Thanks to the Hyper-Threading technology from Intel, an amount of memory, in combination with two hard drives in the RAID array, this server represents an optimal basis for the hosting of vServer.

 Recommended for using as Database server:

This server represents a very reliable foundation for the hosting of databases by ECC memory and a powerful Intel XEON CPU in conjunction with server-RAID hard drives. Through a solid performance in connection with very high-quality components, also intensive databases with high disposability can be hosted.

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