What is the diffrence between Hardware and Software-RAID?

First of all RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Discs. So you can use RAID, when two hard drives must be part of a dedicated server.

Here are the advantages you get with RAID:

  • Increased reliability and stability through disk mirroring
  • Higher performance due to faster access to hard drives
  • Defective drives can be replaced easily
  • Easy to manage

With a RAID-controller hardware, you get the advantage of not having your system overloaded when mirroring hard disks, because the hardware takes over for your dedicated server. Thus, the RAID-controller relieves the overload on the server’s CPU and especially its processing power.

With RAID software, mirroring is done on the system requiring no extra hardware. Although the dedicated server’s performance is reduced, this variation is less expensive than a dedicated server with RAID-controller hardware.

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